Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Japanese women

What could be the most appropriate way to open this delectable blog then by giving due praises to where the origin of the inspiration began?

The Japanese woman, such a delicate yet mighty divine little creature. Shura no Hana!
Under the veil of vulnerability and submission , hides the fiercest and mightiest incarnation of femininity ever known to manhood. She will have you believe you own her when in truth, all her power hiding behind that apparent submissiveness will possess the very depth of your soul, monitor every beat of your heart, control and drain every ounce of your strength.
Nevertheless, even if aware of it, you will helplessly, obsequiously abandon your entire being to that most exquisite yet fateful consummation of godliness.

To one judging only through crude appearances she will look weak by submitting herself when in fact, by virtue of this extreme yielding attitude she will tame any and all forces attempting to control her to then turn it around, subtly yet firmly subdue it to whichever aim she endeavours. Thus incarnating the Yin Yang principle perfectly, like water, seemingly intangible and insubstantial, will over time penetrate through the hardest rock or metal.

Nowhere does the expression of female embodiment manifest itself so fully, so perfectly and so powerfully as in the Japanese woman.

Thus, maybe, can I begin to express and explain how it came to be that, worshiping this feminine divinity, I eventually began adoring even her, now delectable to my soul, anal dejections, more commonly referred to as shit.

To me the Japanese woman is sacred, holy, pure, thus, even the food that's gone through her divine body, been digested and comes out of her Holy of Holies is pure and worthy of worship.

Nothing can compare to the sight of Her squatting down, spreading Her ass cheeks to uncover Her hidden treasure, The female Japanese Anus. Then watching Her pushing that wonderful anal mouth outward, as if its lips were asking for a kiss that I obviously would be only too honored and willing to give, to push that sacred aromatic brown substance out.
Watching the head of a turd gradually open wide Her Holy Hole to then slowly slide down is nothing short of witnessing a birth to me...

I will now end this post by posting video images of what my words could only humbly hope to describe.
We have all heard that one image is worth a thousand words.
So here, a short video showing a sublime Japanese creature giving birth to what I wish was my daily meal...

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